The cheapest bed and breakfast in the area

Rooms with air conditioning

The Bed and Breakfast La Gioia dei Sensi (ID code 6337 Regione Lazio) has an ideal location to visit all the tourist sites in Tuscia. We are in fact halfway between Viterbo and Vitorchiano, so 2 minutes from both locations. We are in the countryside and have rooms with private bathrooms, parking, Wi-Fi and a swimming pool where you can cool off and spend pleasant moments. Furthermore, being located even if only for a few meters in the municipality of Vitorchiano, you are exempt from the tourist tax.


'there’s no better or more original place to mix culture,

privacy and comfort in Viterbo

The bed and breakfast

Our prices: for 2 guests 80 € ( breakfast included).

Our prices for 3 guests 105 Euros per night.( breakfast included)

the price  without breakfast is -5 euros per person

No surprise when you pay.

No credit card. 

Cash only but with a regular receipt